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Wow, awesome party was awesome.

Andy had some folks over for a St. Patrick's Day (observed) party. We totalled 8 - Andy and his girlfriend Kim, Kim's friend Judy, housemate Rachel, former BiD student Seth, and I drove myself, Wes, and Kim from the BiD lab (same name, different person). We had TONS of corned beef, cabbage, and carrots, with Guinness Extra Stout. I baked a tasty loaf of bread, and Wes made soda bread. There was much food and drink and merriment.

I also had passed Games of Berkeley on my way to the FedEx shipping center this morning (mailing back signed forms for my summer internship), and decided I would find Pandemic, a board game that I played with Nick and Eric over winter break and rather enjoyed (though I neglected to mention it in the relevant blog entry). So Andy, Wes, Judy, and I played Pandemic. I forgot the win condition, though, and thought that although we had collected all four cures, we had to eradicate all the diseases as well, so at the time, we kept playing until we ran out of cards, seemingly clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized we had actually won. I had fun, either way, and want to play that game more often.

The group also played a bit of Dance Central with Andy's Xbox360 and Kinect. It turns out I do know someone in town with both pieces! It also turns out that Judy is delightfully nerdy, has been following the OpenKinect project, and has been super excited about it! Suffice it to say that her reaction was priceless when I shared that I'm one of the devs on the project. :) It was really neat to randomly meet someone who was familiar with and appreciated my work. I hope we get a chance to meet again - she seemed like a pretty cool friend to have. As a bonus, Andy let me confirm my suspicions about the Kinect audio calibration routine by letting me run it and listen to his speakers, so I can say for certain that I have the audio channels labelled correctly now. Who says you can't have a party and make project progress at the same time! :D

I also wound up teaching Andy's Kim how to French braid hair - Kim has really long, thin, straight blonde hair that braids very nicely. Judy has layered hair and bangs that made it more difficult for me to demonstrate on, but her braid turned out decently too.

Then we played through New Super Mario Bros Wii. I picked up the controller somewhere in World 2, and we played through to the end of the game, which took until shortly after 3am. Practically the entire time was filled with laughter, which is an excellent way for a party to turn out. Fun activities, interesting people, delicious food, and laughter. What a great way to start Spring Break!

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judy | 2011-03-20T08:29:21.255963

I found you! Only to find that you found me first O_O

haha! O_O

Wait, wait, we DON'T have to sunset all four epidemics?! We don't even have to sunset one?! So we won when we got the fourth cure?!

I'm also only a pseudonerd =( I think I like being a fan of things. I don't actually know anything useful about programming (the only upper-division cs class I ever took was cs170 in 2003 ha ha ha ha ha) so uh... I can't actually do or understand anything about openkinect. But I sure like that it exists.

Also I keep meaning to bring my kinect to work to show my boss at Eudemonia, because I want him to get some for the store (we have some xbox stations set up along with the PCs). Who needs karaoke when you have rock band and kinect dance parties?!

Man I didn't know people were working on openkinect/nui RIGHT HERE. WTF? You guys should come to Eudemonia and plug it in... show off your work to all the gamers hanging around or something because I think people would go nuts. FOR SERIOUS. OKAY.

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Drew Fisher | 2011-03-20T16:06:50.788897

Yeah, I have this weird talent for finding people on the internet. It creeps out at least one of my readers... >_>

Hey, properly appreciating nerdiness is half the battle. Also: YOU WORK AT A GAME STORE. And not some lame Gamestop, but a real games store with MTG and miniatures and LAN games. Don't try to tell me you're not a nerd. :P

It also just so happens that qDot, OpenKinect's repository maintainer, also lives in Berkeley. Small world, huh?

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judy | 2011-03-21T22:01:29.817275

Have you played Agricola?

Here is a record of my first enthusiasm for the game. People were really, really excited for it when it came out. I went on to make game pieces for it and everything =)

But my little post cannot compare to Will's undying adulation for Race for the Galaxy. I had forgotten how extravagant his style is. Hahaha. I wish he would post more game reviews, but it's impossible, because Race was something really special to him. Haha. He even made a beautiful statistical model that showed breakdowns of everyone's scores (in real life he does computational linguistics and cs and stuff).

Anyway so have you played either of these? Do you want to??!!

Also I didn't get an email when you replied... Maybe you implemented it after you replied, haha.

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Drew Fisher | 2011-03-21T23:30:29.211583

I have neither played Agricola nor Race for the Galaxy, but having heard good things about both, I would certainly like to!

Maybe Google marks it as spam? I know I got an email when I approved the comment, but I also note that I made a filter to never mark messages from that address as spam. Wonder if there's something to do with the way Python's smtplib module sends things that makes the spam filters unhappy...and if so, what I can do to make them happier.

I also know that my scripts have your correct email address because other your gravatar would not appear. So it is probably the spam thing; I'll see what I can do to convince Google that I'm mailing legitimate things.

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judy | 2011-03-21T23:49:20.059922

Yeah! I got one this time. =D

I own Agricola and want to get Kim and Andy to play it some time, too!

I don't own Race, but Eudemonia still has Will's copy behind the counter, I think.

Another game I really liked a few years ago was Primordial Soup. EAT AND EXCRETE. What's not to like?! I don't have a copy but my friend Steve does (at least he did 7 years ago), so we should play with him, too. Haha =)

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Drew Fisher | 2011-03-22T00:04:56.686365

Well, invite me when you organize a board games night!

Primordial Soup...for some reason, that reminded me of the level in The Time Warp of Dr. Brain by the same name. Fun times.