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Yesterday I went to see Tron: Legacy with Nick and Eric, a couple of my old friends from Texas A&M who were in the area. It was SO SO SHINY, and I think the plot that it had was decently executed, but it didn't evoke anything terribly deep within me. Also, Olivia Wilde (who played Quorra as well as Thirteen in House) FTW.

Last night marked both the winter solstice and a total lunar eclipse. I set up my telescope. The best part was seeing that the shadow on the moon was curved; a fact used by ancient scientists to show that the earth is at least circular in profile, and the moon spherical (suggesting that the same would be true of the earth).

During the first half of the eclipse, the sky was fairly clear, and I was able to take some (somewhat) decent pictures with my camera looking through the telescope. As the evening progressed, clouds came in, which made it much harder to get any decent shots.

Click on each picture to view the linked full-resolution versions.


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Sarah | 2010-12-21T23:13:43.085898

These are beautiful pictures, Drew! I especially like the second to last one.

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Elaine | 2010-12-22T20:21:46.050015

Great pictures! I like the 7th from the bottom. Do you have an attachment for your camera so it fits to the telescope?

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Drew Fisher | 2010-12-22T20:36:57.945168

Thanks! I'm glad you all like them!

@Elaine: nope, no camera mount at all. I held the camera as still as I could at the eyepiece of the telescope. About half the photos I tried to take in this manner did not turn out well at all; you see the best of the set here in chronological order.