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It's about time I started blogging again, don't you think?

Today I fly out for the MIT Mystery Hunt, the annual rendition of the original puzzle hunt. I'm quite excited, since I get a huge rush from solving puzzles. I'll be hunting with Death From Above, as per usual.

This is somewhat complicated by the fact that somehow, I wound up being on pager duty for AeroFS this weekend. Hopefully nothing falls apart; I spent most of yesterday tracking down why one of our services kept being unresponsive. (For the curious: enabling epoll and SMP in the Erlang VM makes for huge performance gains. Why the default values for the distribution are set to "disabled" baffles me.)

On the upside, I also have a dozen AeroFS t-shirts to give away. They're super comfy!

UPDATE: landed in Boston. My CharlieCard still had fare on it.


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Dad | 2013-01-17T17:56:47.349305

I haven't checked your blog in about a month or two, and when I do, I happen upon the first entry in about 9 months or so. Coincidence? I think not.

Have fun at MIT with the puzzle hunt!

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Dustin | 2013-01-17T19:53:09.727190

In4aAeroFS shirt!

Have fun! There's a bunch of Facebookers leaving today too - say hi to them if you find them.

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Drew | 2013-01-17T20:35:42.832795

@Dad: how very convenient! I will definitely have fun. :)

@Dustin: nice! I can get you a shirt some time - what size did you want? Do you know which team(s) they're hunting with?

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Medium, and I'm not sure about the team =X

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Jono | 2013-01-17T23:04:27.472383

You have code in Erlang? Cool. I remember my dad telling me about it, then using it in one of my assignments for a programming languages course in undergrad.

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Drew | 2013-01-18T07:05:52.751907

@Dustin: Cool, can do

@Jono: Eh, we're just running ejabberd. I don't know enough Erlang to pretend to even understand the log messages. :P