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Someone I met at Valkyrie's wedding sent me a link to an article titled The Extroverted Web, which I found intriguing. I can't help but think about the social processes involved in software design (which are apparently Linus' favorite part about Linux) and Clay Shirky's extensive work on internet group dynamics. I'm not sure exactly what I think about this, but I'm starting to think that part of the reason that some people find submitting to the kernel intimidating is because it needs to be that way to ensure the group remains functional at scale.

It's ~21 degrees outside, so clearly that makes it 32 degrees indoors and somewhat miserably hot in the afternoon/evenings. (Sidenote: looking forward to having a first-floor, east-side, air-conditioned room in a house in a month. Not having to have my monitor fight the sun for brightness/contrast will be fantastic too.)

The upshot of this is that I've spent a decent chunk of the past two days in a disgusting puddle of sweat, trying to avoid exertion that will further increase my body temperature. Maybe that's why I'm waking up so early in the morning lately.

On the upside, it's lovely outside of my apartment, so I went on a nice long walk with some friends.

In other news, today I received an Asus Xtion Pro depth camera. A few hundred lines removed and a few lines added, and it works with libfreenect. Right now it's just in quick hack form, but when I get around to the refactor which adds support for the Kinect for Windows, it'll be trivial to add support for the Xtion Pro as well. I may have to seek out an Xtion Pro LIVE at some point, which also has the RGB camera and microphones.