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Saturday: Brohaus threw a party; I met lots of folks I hadn't met before. Glowsticks are fun. It was the first time I've been at a party where emergency services were called because someone passed out from drinking too much. Invitations may be given out slightly more judiciously in the future.

Sunday: reverse engineered a big red button with Dustin. That thing abuses HID in quite strange ways - the HID descriptor was effectively useless, and it would only send Interrupt IN transfers if you first sent it a SET_REPORT request on the Control endpoint. Wat. We were successful in finding a command sequence that would answer correctly, but sometimes the device would just hang indefinitely and never give a reply. How bothersome. With a little time and a decent amount of inspiration from libtouchmouse, I made a terribly hacked-together (but working!) library for Windows, OSX, and Linux. From a cursory googling, it appears that I'm not the first to figure out the protocol, but I didn't see any cross-platform libraries, and I think the ones that use libusb on linux will have to unbind the USBHID driver to function. Maybe I'll clean up my implementation and put it on github.

Monday: I woke up this morning rather early. It was loud, and everything was shaking. I need to get better at jumping into doorways out of a cold sleep.

My hair gets super curly when I go to sleep with it still damp.


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Joni | 2012-03-13T10:33:55.532694

So what is going on with your RSS feed? It shows no posts since January, though I see some here. I just added the feed to my Google home page again, and it still only shows the older posts. Help? How can I talk to your Mom about what you are doing if I can't get your feed

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Drew | 2012-03-18T23:17:47.731402

Hmm. The feed appears to still be updating normally when I write entries, and it's valid Atom XML.

I suspect that either in my last server migration or the DNS migration that ensued, Google Feedfetcher got the mistaken impression that my server was down...and stopped retrying the URL until I told Google Reader to refresh just now.

Hopefully this is fixed for you too now!

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Joni | 2012-03-19T05:54:51.468882

Thanks Drew, it seems to be working now!