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Today is Sarah's birthday. I called her on Skype to wish her a fantastic year now that her age is no longer a prime number. She proceeded to spend the next three minutes laughing at my facial hair.

I managed to fall on my right ankle/leg while practicing the Doe Traverse. This hurt. I hope I didn't break that foot again; we'll see how it feels in the morning. In the meantime, my walking velocity is down to about 70% normal. I may avoid going to campus tomorrow.


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Melissa | 2012-02-09T21:02:41.053064

Please ice (on 20 min off 20 min) and take some ibuprofen for inflammation. So sorry you hurt yourself. Be well and really take care of yourself:-)

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Sarah | 2012-02-12T10:58:20.232878

Every birthday should be full of laughter. :D

I hope your leg feels better!