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My sleep schedule would be normal, if I were still in UTC+1 (Berlin, DE). Help.

On the upside, I'm having pretty interesting dreams:

02:12 < zarvox> I just had this dream
02:12 < zarvox> it started out with Ronald Reagan outside a grocery store identifying himself as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
02:13 < zarvox> first space inside was a tennis-and-table-tennis sporting goods room
02:13 < zarvox> where all the people were buying ping-pong balls for beer pong
02:13 < zarvox> for some reason ping pong balls were also being used with some video game console
02:14 < zarvox> pretty sure this was inspired by the PS move tips
02:14 < zarvox> then the rest of the dream took place in the game
02:14 < zarvox> where you ran around as a many-headed dinosaur with a jetpack and other awesome technology
02:14 < zarvox> and had to dodge all sorts of dinosaur-age hazards
02:15 < sharpobject> wow
02:15 < zarvox> and then at the end there was a giant enemy, and apparently the main character, rather than let the enemy take over the planet, summoned an airstrike
02:15 < sharpobject> when are you making the game then
02:15 < zarvox> that turned out to be the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs
02:16 < zarvox> the game ended with an angelic chorus singing as the cutscene showed everything disintegrating and fading into a giant white explosion
02:16 < zarvox> and then I woke up
02:16 < zarvox> hoooooooly crap
02:16 < zarvox> I dunno
02:16 < zarvox> the game's controls kinda sucked
02:16 < zarvox> who makes L+R jump?  that's like StarFox landmaster bull****
02:17 < sharpobject> o_O
02:18 < zarvox> and like...the "start game" control was toggling LRL on the dpad
02:18 < zarvox> I am not even sure the PS Move has a dpad
02:18 < zarvox> dreams do not worry themselves with continuity problems

Um, yeah.


Also TODO, but lower priority: