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Watch my 28c3 talk. Download my 28c3 slides.

I successfully completed my slides and gave my 28c3 talk titled "Reverse Engineering USB Devices" today. Saal 2 was completely full. I'm going to guess that the room held between 400 and 500 people. The talk went better than expected! bushing and pytey (the lead devs on the OpenVizsla USB sniffer project) came up and introduced themselves after the talk. Another guy gave me a ProgSkeet board, which will be neat to play around with. I imagine this will come in handy when the Wii U comes out. :)

There was a small crowd - 10 or so folks - who came and chatted with me at greater length after the talk. One of them gave me a USB controlled battery charger, accompanied with the story of its existence - apparently the only release of the software that lets you see how far the batteries have charged includes some spyware. In addition, Energizer "resolved" the issue by simply taking down the download from their website. Ha!

Another couple guys told me about their project, netzob, which sounds promising. I'll have to investigate in greater detail, but at a first glance, it seems it implements a lot of the things that I called for when I gave my vision for what better reverse-engineering tools would look like. Awesome.

One last guy chatted with me for quite some time. Turns out he wrote the "forcedeth" Linux Ethernet driver for nForce chipsets.

I spent a good portion of the rest of the day hanging out with the folks at the fail0verflow table. marcan and another guy were tuning a laser projector powered by openlase. bunnie was working on his awesome NeTV. pytey told me about the issues the OpenVizsla boards had had, and gave an update on that timeline. bushing was busily stepping through format string exploits. Such fun!


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Dad | 2011-12-29T13:20:12.668854

Enjoyed watching your presentation. It was simple enough, even a Dad could understand it! Too bad you ran out of time for more questions.