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A Federal District court judge ruled provisions of the US Patriot Act unconstitutional today. It's about time. It may be that the decision is appealed; if so, I hope the appellate court will have the sense to uphold the ruling.

In a completely unrelated court case, I found out that judges (from the 7th Circuit, at least) can have a sense of humor: from ProCD v. Zeidenberg:

There is no box; there is only a stream of electrons, a collection of information that includes data, an application program, instructions, many limitations ("MegaPixel 3.14159 cannot be used with BytePusher 2.718"), and the terms of sale.

I see what you did there.

I recently installed KDE on Windows. I now have Kontact syncing with Google Calendar, a screenshot utility that doesn't involve me using an on-screen-keyboard to hit printscreen (Apple is really annoying me), a hex editor that rocks, and a reasonable fixed-width text editor. I'm impressed - everything I've used has been rock-solid stable. This was not the case a couple years ago when I last tried KDE on Windows. Thanks to all the devs for their efforts.