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Wow, last night I had the WORST sleep I've had in the past year. Woke up at least every two hours, and closer to every 15 minutes toward the end. Now I feel nauseated, but not feverish. What the heck, body. We're supposed to be a team.

I also dreamt vividly that when I woke up my computer and monitor were missing (presumably stolen). This did not help.


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Melissa | 2011-09-01T12:28:17.176744

Good you have no fever. You need carbs and protein for nausea, try something simple like peanut butter on toast, be sure to stay well hydrated.I'm guessing your brain needs down time to process any big decisions you might be making. Sending hugs,

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ao2 | 2011-09-06T09:19:15.274456

I hope it was just a one-time thing, but since I've solved my small sleeping issues, here's the recipe that worked for me:

1. stay light on dinner (just on dinner, I can still eat a cow at breakfast), and have a small fruit or a yogurt or a spoon of ice cream some minutes before you go to bed in order to trick your brain to feel satisfied.

2. Work out regularly, but not too close to sleep time as I read that the adrenaline would prevent you to fall asleep; if you can't keep a constant routine across the week, do at least some light stretching exercises before going to bed: spine, shoulders, neck, ankles;

Maybe this is pretty obvious, in principle, the hard part is to actually put the rules in place and be constant :)