Shortlog - a log of everyday things



Yesterday was my last day at imo. I wrapped up as much as I could, documented the weird bits, and explained everything else to Ahmed. I really enjoyed my summer working there.

Then I went back to Brohaus, put all my stuff (except my bed) in my car, drove back to Berkeley, unpacked, and crashed on the couch. I had a hard time getting to sleep; I went to bed at 1:30, which is a couple hours earlier than I had been going to bed the past week.

I had to get up in time to arrive on campus by 8:30 (so early!) for the training seminar for new GSIs. It was good - we covered lots of relevant logistics, but mostly focused on how to be a good inspiring TA and how to deal with situations that are likely to arise.

After the seminar, I went to BiD lab where I discovered that one of my labmates, Kim, was to leave tomorrow to go work on designy things at Disneyworld. Andy, Pablo, Kim, and I all went to Ici (warning, terrible site design that requires Flash), a fancy ice cream shop, to send Kim off. They had some unusual flavors - I quite enjoyed my cone of Earl Grey ice cream. Then we went back to BiD and set up the tables and net and C-clamps in ping-pong formation and played all matchups. The graph of wins was a consistent DAG - Pablo beat Andy, who beat me, and I beat Kim. But we all had lots of fun!

I walked back home and set up my desktop. For a while, I thought both of my graphics cards had died or something, but then I discovered that I had merely switched the DVI cables and was looking at the wrong input. Then, after cleaning up my room a bit more, I drove back to Palo Alto around 1am, since I didn't fancy sleeping on the couch two nights in a row.