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Chuan and I tuned the piano this weekend. It took 6 hours, and the top three octaves are still somewhat flat (there's a particularly bad A and G up there), but it's so much more playable than before.

We also went to Costco and bought lots of food. Apparently the pineapple sausages I love so much come in packages of a dozen at Costco! :D

Sadly, the Costco we were at did not have the awesome chicken pot pies that I recall from my time at home, but we did get some chicken alfredo pasta and calzones, so those were tasty. Also: a giant container of strawberries. Think 4x what you see in normal grocery stores.


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Andrew | 2011-08-10T15:18:00.980487

Yea, Costcos actually do have some regional variety (as well as a high level of normal variance).

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Melissa | 2011-08-12T09:11:49.644294

How exciting you tuned the piano. Was it difficult or mostly time consuming? Are the top 3 octaves just too tight to turn to pitch correctly? Curious for more info. Have you played any since then?