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Gah, birds are loud. It sounds like an aviary outside my window in the morning.

Last night six of the guys in our house (myself included) drafted Zendikar. It was my first time actually playing MtG proper - I'd watched others a fair bit, and understood a decent amount of the mechanics, but I knew nothing about this set. I wound up with a Blue/Green control/landfall deck that wound up winning 2-0 against Robby, 2-1 against Michael, and 2-0 against Chuan before people had to go to bed (we'll finish the round-robin tonight or something). After that, Chuan and I played exhibition matches until one of us reached 4 wins, which was quite exciting when Chuan won the first three but I came back.

Today I'm meeting with Leila Takayama and Brian Gerkey of Willow Garage to discuss the future of open-source Kinect drivers.


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Sarah | 2011-07-11T15:29:37.131214

Yay! You're alive! :D

I enjoy the birds outside my window. :P