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I've spent 10 hours in the datacenter over the past two days, unboxing, racking, and configuring a bunch of new servers. Lots of things that were supposed to work didn't. I did get to break out my sysadmin skills, though. Unfortunately, in unboxing all the pizza boxes, I managed to cut a fairly deep slice into my left thumb with my beloved Leatherman Skeletool. I suffered a -1 penalty to DEX for the rest of the day.

I find it oddly fitting that today's xkcd is also about setting up servers. I've been staring at debian-installer prompts for quite some time today.

Robert and I played Tetris Attack (which is nothing like Tetris at all) for a couple hours after work today. I went from fairly awful to winning between one in three and one in four games. He wants us to train for and enter a Tetris Attack tournament. We shall see.


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Mom | 2011-06-10T12:56:52.470946

Washed it well? Did you need stitches? Applied Neosporin? Taking proper care of oneself? Love you<3

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judy | 2011-06-10T17:57:22.917891

I didn't know other people were into Tetris Attack. Fritz has loved Tetris Attack since he was a wee lad. He is still playing it at parties now (the last time we broke it out was 8 days ago). You guys must play with him.

Do you have leads on any specific tournaments coming up, or are we going to host one?

Are you playing it on an SNES (we are) or on an emulator?