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My desktop case arrived today, so I finally had all the parts that I needed to resurrect kraken, my old desktop.

The parts:

Computer parts used to build my new desktop

CaseAntec P183 Mid tower (rated as one of the better quiet cases available)
Power SupplyNexus RX-8500. Incredibly quiet.
MotherboardAsus P8P67 EVO (one of the few motherboards with dual NICs)
CPUIntel Core i7 2600K (Sandy Bridge). At the time, the highest-ranking CPU on this benchmark that didn't cost four digits.
RAM16GB: 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600, 9-9-9-24 CAS latency
Graphics CardnVidia 9600 GT that Robby gave me
Hard disksTransferred from old computer
Optical drives...are for people who don't know how to use USB and netboot installers. ;)

The build took a while, since I'm still pretty inexperienced at building these things. The fact that neither the case nor the motherboard had assembly instructions didn't help. It's a darn good thing the one I built with Kristin a month or so ago did - I probably would have missed a step or two otherwise.

The only two tools I needed (and technically, I could have done it without the awesome screwdriver, just more slowly):

Husky screwdriver and Leatherman Skeletool

The case is one of the Antec ones that puts the power supply in the bottom of the case. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. On the upside, the power supply creates far less turbulance around the processor at the bottom, and the case can have a vent at the top, which is more efficient since heat rises. On the downside, it puts the power supply in a different place than most motherboards and power supplies expect you to put such things, so some cables may be too short to route comfortably, which can cause turbulence and reduce cooling efficiency. Also, it's harder to flip the switch at the bottom than at the top.

Picture of inside of empty case

The case also had these cool pull-out bays for the hard disks with these huge rubberized shock absorbers:

Hard disk mount with shock absorbers

All assembled (yes, the cables are a mess):

New desktop fully assembled!

About five minutes of fiddling with UEFI BIOS settings, and I successfully booted kraken. Later, I'll have to reinstall everything with 64-bit packages, and set up VMs, and...I'll be busy this weekend, I imagine. :)

And yes, the thing is as quiet as I had hoped. With the case fans set to low speed, I worried for a moment that the system didn't start when I pressed the power button. Even at high speed, the fans are peaceful. I am quite pleased.


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Danny | 2011-06-04T10:05:21.762707

The ram and cpu make me go nom nom nom.

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Jono | 2011-06-04T08:56:45.703129

Very nice - and I thought my machine was awesome :-)

I still need to do some proper sound tests. I was also going for soft, but went with cheaper components. It would be cool if we could somehow measure the airflow inside the case at various points (to see how much benefit the change of location for the power supply gives), but I suspect it would be time consuming and/or hard.