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So, the parts I ordered for my desktop have mostly shipped, with the exception of the case that I would be putting everything in, because the place I ordered it from ran out of stock. Stuff will arrive Thursday, but I probably won't be able to build my machine until the new case comes in (which could be another while). I still have to decide what case I want. I was aiming for a quiet case without too many glowy lights - they're pretty, but annoying at night and when you're trying to watch movies and stuff. On the other hand, if I had more light from my desktop case, I might not have to buy a lamp for my room in Berkeley. Decisions, decisions.


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Jono | 2011-05-27T11:53:29.140136

I've been very happy with my Antec Sonata. Sadly it's hard to find decent case comparisons that consider sound and aren't recommending super-expensive options.

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Drew Fisher | 2011-05-27T12:58:46.083297

That's exactly the case that I had ordered (and that ran out of). And yes, too few cases give (reliable) data on noise. I spent quite some time trawling through reviews on Newegg, and the conclusion that I reached is that some people will call a jet engine "super quiet," and all the companies advertise all their products as "quiet," so there's little I can trust.

Maybe I'll just get the Antec Nine Hundred and call it a day.

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Jono | 2011-05-27T13:33:18.775002

Yeah, what I'd really like is measurements of dB under various loads for various cases with various fan + hard drive combinations (fans are clearly the largest source of noise, but a normal hard drive can be quite noisy when there is a lot of activity). If the measurements occurred at various positions relative to the case that would be nice too. Of course all these variables add up to quite a lot of work...

Also, I see you get a picture of yourself, but I just get a random image. Can I be special too? (also, where is my current image from?)

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Drew Fisher | 2011-05-27T13:42:27.921485

Yeah, that would be nice...

As for avatars, this site implements the Gravatar API, which uses a hash of your email address to uniquely identify an image. If it doesn't have an image for that hash, it'll generate one.

You can be special too by associating an image with your email address (well, hash) on Gravatar. As I understand it, this is done by default for users of Wordpress' hosting (but not the engine in general).

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Jono | 2011-05-27T15:50:22.900080

Cool :-)