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Jeez, I am behind on my blogging. I still haven't written about CHI, nor my papers, nor my adventures in Palo Alto thus far (nor my reverse-engineering adventures, in case you had forgotten about that writeup. Still on hold). It's all been pretty excellent, but pretty busy. Sadly, I need to drive for about two hours tonight still, and I lack speedy Internet at my place in Palo Alto (I'm still tethering with my phone, and getting Comcast to listen to us is another story still). If it's not too late when I get back, maybe I'll paint the tales I've been mentioning thus far in greater detail.

Update from 2011-05-27: a real post:

There's a decent contingent of IMO employees who like rock climbing, and the indoor climbing gym they usually go to has this deal where they can refer a friend, and the friend gets a free lesson and day of climbing, so I tagged along. Somehow we crammed five people into Tom's tiny sports car. They showed me the ropes, and I already knew the knots (hooray, Boy Scouts), so shortly thereafter, I joined the others to climb some routes. It's much more planning and finesse than I had thought. It'll be a while before proper form becomes innate, but now I know: stay close to the wall, keep your arms straight, and your legs bent. I climbed a 5.3 during the lesson, a few 5.7s, and a couple of 5.8s. My arms eventually reached the point at which I can no longer grasp anything, let alone hold my weight (which, of course, I'd need to do less if I had proper form). My veins were sticking out of my arms in a very foreign way. It was awesome.

Nicolay took us though a long sequence of stretches afterward. I'm fairly certain I have that stretching session to thank for my arms not falling off the next day.

After the gym closed, John Rizzo and I agreed that we wanted food, so we went to In-N-Out and had tasty burgers. They were delicious. I got home at some terribly late hour in the morning, but it was an awesome day.


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judy | 2011-05-20T10:02:03.615268

Do you have a vow to update with some regularity? Everybody says that's a good thing to vow, for discipline and for writing and for memories, but I've never been able to. My blogging activity comes in haphazard spurts. Some weeks it's three walls of text a day with nary a tl;dr in sight, followed by months of radio silence.

Ewww dealing with Comcast! Good luck. I tried to switch ISPs, but no one else provides service in my area. =(