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Today I moved to my summer residence in Palo Alto. Well, for some value of "moved." I didn't bring much: just my bedding, towel set, clothing, laptops, and Kinect. Getting the queen-sized mattress into my Avalon alone was rather tricky - I ended up using the orange luggage strap that Bloomberg gave me at CHI to keep the mattress folded in half in the long dimension, and somehow managed to stuff that unweildy mass in the back seat. The floor of the parking garage was rather dirty, and it had been raining, so the mattress cover got a bit dirty and damp in places. I'm washing it.

The drive was uneventful - I left ten minutes later than I had planned, but Google Maps had overestimated travel time by the same ten minutes, so I arrived right on time. Robby and I did a walkthrough of the house with the woman who gave us the keys. It's quite a nice place - two-story, six bedroom, three bathrooms, sizable kitchen, lots of downstairs common areas, washer and dryer, backyard...all in pretty good condition. It's about 4 miles from the office I'll be working at this summer.

After moving my stuff in, Robby and I moved a good deal of his possessions from his previous residence to the house, with an intermediate stop at the IMO office, where we set up my computers. I have a desktop running Kubuntu and a laptop running OSX. This should be fun.

I ate dinner at the Korean BBQ restaurant in downtown Palo Alto for dinner; the same place that Evelyn and Sarah and I visited two summers ago. It was delicious.

Now I'm wishing I'd had room for my chair in the first trip from Berkeley. I'm sitting on the kitchen floor with a $9 IKEA table in front of me, bundled up in the blanket my sister gave me. I'll be going to bed pretty soon, methinks.

We still won't have internet at the house for a while. Thank goodness I can tether with my phone. And by that, I mean: thanks, Nokia.


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Sarah | 2011-05-16T10:22:07.849712

You have a six bedroom house for two people??

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Drew Fisher | 2011-05-20T11:21:34.715890

Six bedroom house for six people, though only two of us are present at the moment.