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Wow. I have had an AWESOME week at CHI, and I have LOTS to write about, but I also have a final project paper to finish writing up today, another paper that we're supposed to be submitting on Monday, and I'm moving to Palo Alto on Sunday to boot. So (sadly) stories will have to wait.

Oh, and I'm back in the US safely. In case you were wondering.

Update (rewrite?) from two weeks after the fact: Got up rather early and caught the train back to Vancouver Airport. At the terminal, I ran into Anand Kulkarni and Truc Nguyen, who happened to be on the same flight back to SFO. After getting home, I ate some food (I honestly don't remember what), crashed for about 30 minutes, and then went to campus to join Edward Wu and Justin Samuel in writing up our research paper for our security class. It got a little rough at the end, but we submitted our paper precisely on time and I delivered a hardcopy of the finished product to the box ouside Dawn Song's door. Then I went home and slept.


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Evelyn | 2011-05-14T11:57:17.667625

Hey Drew,

Good luck with the rest of the semester! Final papers/projects can be a pain since you probably want to be done and sleep already.

Let's hang out sometime, especially since you're moving to Palo Alto! I'm living in Mountain View.


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Drew Fisher | 2011-05-14T16:38:39.705158

Thanks, Evelyn! The first paper is done, and I'm going to see if I can finish up the other one today.

We should definitely hang out this summer!