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(Antonio and Sarah, you inspired this one.)

Today marks my birthday. Sweet 0x16.

This year, I moved to a new place, and made many new acquaintences that are turning into friends. Friends that I anticipate growing closer to and enjoying for many years to come. Friends that will see me at my best, and at my worst, and will see to it that I pass through both. Friends that will challenge me, guide me, and teach me. Friends whom I hope I am teaching in return.

I started a blog. I closed my Facebook account. I joined a community through which I (re)awoke a passion and made friends in at least four countries. Hopefully I'll have the pleasure of meeting them in person some day. I started making significant contributions to the open-source community. I lived for nine months in an apartment, and made my own food, and didn't starve to death.

Upward and onward.


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Sarah | 2011-04-25T12:06:56.388045

Happy Birthday, Drew! I'm so proud of you. :)

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Danny | 2011-04-25T12:48:51.351625

What kind of cuisine do you know/like to cook?