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Comcast is having an outage that includes my apartment. Annoying. I need to check if they have any semblance of an SLA in their service contract; the amount of time their service is down is starting to get ridiculous.

Good thing I have my N900 and my CR-48, each with service from a different provider. Redundency is a good thing.

UPDATE: Oh, the irony. Right as I finish writing this, service comes back up and nagios sends me an SMS to let me know.


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Jeff Jensen | 2011-03-31T12:23:13.117315

Having worked for an ISP and starting a business of my own. If you work with any cisco routers, you're required to have a 4 hours mean time to notify, and you have an SLA of 24 hr Mean Time to Repair. HTH.


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Drew Fisher | 2011-03-31T12:31:12.395311

Cool! Is that part of a Cisco customer contract or software license or something?

I guess sometimes I forget that it's really hard to keep a very widespread network up everywhere at once - and doing upgrades or migrations tend to also cause brief failure while ARP caches slowly expire.

Then there's always the thread of the backhoe.

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Jeff Jensen | 2011-03-31T13:06:17.092120

It's part of being a partner with Cisco... (I am assuming that perhaps Comcast uses cisco somewhere) In order to get all the benefits from Cisco, like cheaper equipment, monetary gain, etc... You need to maintain these parameters. Companies get audited by Cisco on a yearly basis.