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Sebastian sent me another USB dump, which I'll use over the next couple days (read: weeks) to verify some useful things about the Kinect audio stream. I'll probably either wind up implementing a decent portion of TLS 1.2 to get this working, or I'll use gnutls or some other library. Trouble is, gnutls is LGPL, and I was hoping to relicense this code under the 2-clause BSD license. I'll figure something out. Probably much later than planned, though - this week is going to be busy. UPDATE: JUST KIDDING GNUTLS WILL BE FINE. I fail at remembering the details of the LGPL.

I woke up for the first time this morning at some hour like 07:30, glanced at my alarm clock, and rolled back over and went back to sleep. I woke up a second time at 10:10 when my mom called me, asking after the whereabouts of my lockpicks (one of her friends managed to lose the key to her lockbox). I woke up for a third time at 11:50, when my phone kindly reminded me that I was supposed to be on campus by 12:05 for lunch with prospective M.Eng. students. That last one inspired fear of tardiness in me, and I rather quickly made my way to campus. Of course, I arrived right on time. :)

I have a frightening amount of work to do this week. A few papers, and implementing process separation for qemu I/O devices for a class project. Time to get intimately familiar with a pile of UNIX socket and syscall functions.

Also time to either implement a GUI in C++/Qt for exploring a dataset I have, or figuring out the Python bindings to clapack. While we're at it: does anyone know which is more draining on a cell phone battery: 100% CPU usage, or constant 3G radio usage? This project has a design tradeoff that probably depends on these numbers.

Also time to read some papers for security class.

Hmm, the word "time" appears eight times in this post (ten if you count the word "times"). Guess what's on my mind lately?


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Danny Hua | 2011-03-29T11:06:48.438836

Is it bad that immediately after reading this, I counted the number of 'time's to make sure you included those last two?

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Drew Fisher | 2011-03-29T11:53:19.337604

Bad? More like AWESOME. We gotta keep the Internet free of incorrect information, after all.