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Spring Break has been mostly uneventful. I've not travelled anywhere, but I have spent some time reading, sleeping in, working on various brain activities, and generally relaxing.

Today I discovered a leak in the ceiling of my kitchen. Joy. I've notified the landlord, but there's nothing that can be done until it stops raining. (It's been raining on a daily basis for approximately two weeks now.)

I've continued work on the Kinect audio protocol, and I now believe that I will have to correctly implement the cryptographic exchange to enable the noise cancellation. While I don't think I need a private key for this, since every Kinect has different certificates, I will be unable to perform a replay of any of the USB logs that I have available, since they were not collected from my Kinect. I must figure out how the computation was performed, and mimic it fully. This is troublesome, but hopefully still doable. I'm learning about ASN.1 encoding and even more about authentication protocols.

I recently received a card in the mail from my friend Caitlin. Thanks, Caitlin! It really made my day.

I've also spent some time working at solving The 2 Tone Game, a mini puzzle hunt. There's a Stanford-style hunt on April 9th that I'll be doing, and I might also try DASH3 on April 30th. We'll see how busy/hosed I get.

It is one month until my birthday. What I shall do that Sunday, I do not know. Suggestions?


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Sarah Luna | 2011-03-24T20:54:27.391215

you gotta fight! for your right! to PARRRRRRRRTAYYYYYYY.