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Interesting read of the day: a guy posted his genetic code on Github, a site for collaborative software development.

Someone else uploaded said code to Promethease, which is a website that analyzes your DNA sequence and tells you interesting things about risk factors or ability.

Now I want my genome sequenced!

One problem with unified message notifications on my phone: when two different people send me instant messages, they appear as the same notification window. When I select it, it opens only the last message sent. This means that if someone sent me an SMS, and then someone else sent me 7 lines of instant message, it's very easy for me to not notice the SMS. This happened today.

Desired behavior: spawn a new window for each contact you receive messages from. This will prevent messages from going unnoticed at the sender level. Each window could receive the yellow "requesting attention" highlight. In fact, this behavior would be nearly trivial to implement, since it's already standardized and specified.

I wonder what the current behavior in MeeGo is. Might have to look at the images again. UPDATE: no wonder my MeeGo experience was so bad in the past. My SDHC card is only Class 2. They recommend at least Class 6. This would vastly improve I/O (by a factor of at least 3), which in turn would improve performance of any operation that is I/O bound, like most things involving photos, or launching applications.

TODO: get nice microSDHC card.