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CS Visit weekend: a rousing good time. One of my hostees is definitely coming to Berkeley, and I think there's a decent chance at the other. The potential additions to BiD are also fairly cool people.

There are a bunch of BiD folk going to CHI 2011. We may or may not be getting a penthouse for the week.

Mark Browning sent me a link to this video about CCDC that I was (briefly) interviewed for. I had completely forgotten about it. Mark and I appear together at the 28 second mark.

I heard and gave feedback on Anuj's practice quals talk today. His proposal relates to children learning language through asking questions. I need to read more developmental psychology. Mom, friends, moms of friends, and friends of Mom: do you have any good books on that subject that you'd recommend?

Later, I went to a "Microsoft Tech Fest" where I wound up knowing more about the Kinect than the MS rep. I was more than a little disappointed, but in retrospect, I suppose I went into a recruiting event hoping it would be like a tech presentation, which is my fault.

Accomplishment: I have reworked the libfreenect API and sent my patches upstream. We'll see if I can figure out Cython so I can fix up the bindings. I also need to figure out a way to import nuise into libfreenect. Augh.

On that note, though: nuise now detects if it's already uploaded firmware. This means you no longer have to unplug and replug the Kinect (or change source code) every time you want to run nuise. YAY FEATURES.

It rained a lot today. Hopefully my Vibrams will be dry by morning.