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I registered this domain less than a year ago. Before then, I was practically impossible to find on the Internet - I had a small website that I hosted as a subdomain under my friend Matt's domain. It sat on a VPS that later went belly-up when the admin managed to (in one fell swoop) ruin every client's filesystem. Good thing we had backups.

Fast forward to today. In the past year (as far as the web is concerned), I've created my blog and written up a couple of projects. I've made a brief landing page. I still haven't gotten around to doing any design for the site. Nonetheless: search for my name on Google today, and I'm the top result (at least, for all the boxes I have access to).

What does this even mean?


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Sarah | 2011-02-12T20:43:18.967561

It means you're awesome. :P

Check out the image results. :D

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Elaine | 2011-02-13T18:43:39.445446 I thought you would find this both of interest and of use.