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As part of my efforts to harmonize my home directories (and ensure I have an offsite backup of important schoolwork), I've set up ownCloud on my dedi, which I can mount via webdav with davfs2. It takes a good long while to upload 5GB of data to my server via a residential modem.

I've also discovered that rsync with its default options doesn't play nicely with davfs2 and ownCloud - not sure why, but TONS of files wind up in the lost+found folder. Throw in the --inplace option, though, and everything works just dandy. It's the strangest thing.

Also, based on my apache logs: it would probably be wise if I pushed the ownCloud logs off into another logfile, 'cause MAN, WebDAV is chatty. I suppose there's not really a better way to do file locking over a stateless protocol like HTTP, but still. In addition, it'd be great if WebDAV supported ctimes and mtimes, because something in the chain (davfs2/owncloud/ext4) is losing them, which means rsync wants to overwrite every file, including the ones that have already been transferred. This is fail, and merits further investigation.

Today was also Super Ad Sunday, a day during which (in accordance with tradition) Americans watch hilarious ads for cars and other products, punctuated by snippets of American football. Andy, the BiD lab grandpa, invited the whole lab over for the afternoon, and there was talk of meeting to go rock-climbing beforehand. It turned out that I was supposed to meet up at Andy's apartment, rather than at the rock-climbing gym, so I was the only one who went rock climbing, but I had a great time and thoroughly wore out my arms. The gym does mostly bouldering, but also has a couple of slacklines, rings, and a ladder consisting of doorframe-size holds. I learned proper climbing technique from a couple guys who were doing ridiculous routes. I discovered that my body is pitifully weak. I must resolve this.

As for the party: there was much food and drink, and about a dozen folks gathered to celebrate. After the game was over, we played some Rock Band, and I finally got to try out the keytar. I think I'd honestly do better with a staff and sheet music. Maybe I just need to get used to the key/color layout, and then it'll all make sense. Thinking about what key the songs were in and the chord progressions they used made everything a lot easier. I could play Pro mode on medium/hard, which I consider not bad for a first try. After playing a bit on keytar, Lora made fresh ramen and I boiled gyoza, and then I took a turn on the mic, singing "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting" by Elton John. Good times.


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Elaine | 2011-02-07T16:53:45.563881

You are so right! Silly me, I tried to watch the football game, learned about cars and Doritos, forgot which teams were playing and turned off the TV.