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Oops, I managed to get the datestamp on yesterday's entry wrong. That can happen when you're not in the same timezone as your server.

I'm bummed that OpenSUSE backed out on systemd integration for 11.4. Looks like Fedora may be the first to ship it after all.

I think I've gotten everything that I used to run on my desktop functioning again. Whether or not this will persist across reboots is something that will be determined after I get home - I've learned not to fiddle with network configuration and reboots remotely.

Oh, and I need to fix Fedora's GRUB2 numeric sort. Somehow, is sorted as "less than", which is just flat wrong.

UPDATE: definitely did not configure things to persist across reboot. The following sequence of events looked something like this:


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Elaine | 2011-02-04T12:57:54.586962

I love your new writing style! This post was very funny. I laughed out loud at the '(prematurely)' part. Your descriptions make for good reading even though I don't quite know what you are writing about exactly (or at all).