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I'd forgotten how long it takes to copy 351 GB over the network. Even with gigabit, cruising at 20MB/sec (which is rather optimistic, given that the other end has to flush everything to disk as it goes, and there are plenty of small files that will wreck performance), you can expect to spend 5 hours. Using a 10/100 switch will take about twice as long. I'm pretty sure it's still faster than doing the same thing with a USB disk, though.

So, hopefully my backup will finish by noon (it didn't, but it did finish within 15 minutes of noon), after which I can safely wipe my desktop, go crazy with repartitioning, RAID, encrypted volumes, and LVM, and install Fedora. Woohoo.

PG&E's automated caller called me at 8:00 this morning to remind me about my appointment tomorrow. Yes, I haven't forgotten. Yes, it woke me up, and I can't even be productively grumpy toward the computer.

I did not get into the Swing DeCal. Darn.