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Last night, Jono and friends held a get-together to celebrate Australia Day (which actually takes place on the 26th, but this was the opportune weekend day). We grilled sausages, watched The Castle, and then sat around and talked about all sorts of things. One of Jono's Australian friends and I talked about politics and political theory for quite some time. We covered health care, parents' rights over children, age of independence, and the greater standard deviation of wealth in America as compared to other prosperous nations (and in turn, its positive and negative impacts). We also spent a while analyzing how the US and China are interacting financially, and how we're both parasitic toward the other. I spent a good portion of today reading up on the theories of John Rawls and Robert Nozick.

This analysis of Google Maps' readability is spectacular. I found it linked from this site, which makes note of small design details that have a large impact on usability. Cool stuff.


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Jono | 2011-01-31T14:04:51.780142

That's really cool - a great example of the power of small changes to influence usability.

Glad you enjoyed Saturday!