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My laptop's backlight is fading on the left side. This makes me sad, since I have a white-on-black terminal that I usually keep on the left that is getting increasingly hard to read.

This was actually pointed out to me at Mystery Hunt, but I think it's gotten worse. Or maybe I'm just using my laptop in too well-lit areas. Or maybe my eyes are worsening, and it's affecting me more. Either way, blah. I may try disassembling the panel and seeing if it's just a loose wire or something.

In other news, Kubuntu fails at packaging KDE 4.6 - despite my best efforts, the gstreamer Phonon backend (now made default!) and Pulseaudio are not getting along at all. As in, I can crash both systemsettings, plasma-desktop, and pulseaudio itself, all by trying to play a test sound. Good job, guys.

I shouldn't complain; rather, I should track down the bugs and fix them. I'm happy to fix upstream bugs, but a tad frustrated with distribution bugs. I'm considering installing Fedora on my desktop, since they manage to do a much better job of shipping a working, fully-featured KDE. One prerequisite for switching is verifying that I can (without too much trouble) do all the same things that I used to do with Ubuntu. So I made a list, and am working through it. Tasks remaining include running a DHCP server and verifying support for GRUB2.

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