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In another delightful instance of "small world, huh?" I found out that Ian Haken, a friend of mine from TAMS, is also taking the same Computer Security course as I am. I didn't even know he was at Berkeley. The conversation went something like this:

Dr. Song: "Okay, let's take a short break!"
Me: *walks over* "Okay, this is gonna be really weird, look frighteningly familiar. Are you Ian Haken?"
Ian: "...yes, I am." *suspicious eyes*
Me: "Drew Fisher, TAMS class of '06."
Ian: *pauses* "You've got a lot more hair than you used to."

And then after class we caught up with what we were both doing with our lives, talked about Nokia tablets (he has an N810!), and I gave him a tour of the BiD lab. We might work on a security project together; who knows.

I'm excited, because GMail deployed HTML5 desktop notifications. Awesome. Wonder if I can hook that up to the rest of my desktop notifications via the D-Bus NotificationItem-1 spec. That would be excellent.

I'm also excited, because KDE 4.6 is out:

KDE logo