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OpenKinect has synced master and unstable, which means I need to get my behind into gear and get my API changes in before the upcoming 0.1 release. Stuff is still segfaulting in libusb, and I have no idea why. Crap.

Kyle and I have been talking about features we'd like to add to Shortlog, the engine that powers this blog. Things we've come up with so far:

If you dear readers have any suggestions for things I should add to my blog, I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment!

My calves are sore as all get out, thanks to standing up on my tiptoes 242 times (it was a competition with my mom, for the record. I won.). Hopefully I'm gaining muscle!


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Sarah | 2011-01-11T21:53:04.071661

I think you should add more posts. :)

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Knitting Mommy Juliet | 2011-01-12T20:24:11.910018

I'm with Sarah.... more posts!! Throw us ol' knitting Mommies a bone now and then. Maybe a fun and crazy care package wish list...

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Melissa | 2011-01-12T22:15:51.861888

OMG I did manage to do 237 of those stand on tip toes. We laughed so hard we woke up Callie in the night at 1:00am. My calves were crazy sore too. I shall miss walking/running with you. You are good for me.