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I have made a first crude implementation of comments. They appear to work so far. We'll see how long it takes for me to break them.

They are currently only shown in the single-day view, for the record.

I eagerly await email notifications of new comments on my blog posts! I've worked to make my blog something interesting for (some) people to read, and based on some of the feedback I've gotten from said readers, some things I write have been comment-worthy, so that's exciting for me. I hope that the addition of comments will enable more two-way communication through my blog, since until now it has served strictly as a broadcast mechanism.

Of note: I've written just enough code to actually support submitting comments and showing approved comments. The glue in between is currently manual; I plan to automate this.

Also, for a one-hour project, this took way more than 60 minutes. At least I finished enough of it to show. Another benefit to forcing myself to do these projects: over time, I'll get a better sense for how long it will take to do something.

Future comments work:


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Drew Fisher | 2010-12-20

This is an example comment.

You can use a variety of tags: <a>, <b>, and <ul> are noteworthy.

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Eric | 2010-12-20T10:41:35.887699

Glad to hear you're getting around to comments. Gravatar support would be needed...why?

Also, obligatory xkcd. Here's hoping you've sanitised input.

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Sarah | 2010-12-20T11:53:00.210371

fancy pants

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trex | 2010-12-20T12:18:56.203354


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danny | 2010-12-20T15:49:59.670278

we has comments.