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This made my day:

19:58 <+marcan> oh, btw, segher is looking at the primesense blob
19:59 <+marcan> he has a thing for reverse engineering unknown ISAs by staring at them (seriously) :P

We will figure out the Kinect audio. :)

Dear Willow Garage folks: we should talk about working smoothly with upstream. While we absolutely appreciate your efforts in figuring out things like direct access to the IR camera, mixing the code that provides that functionality into a 1600-line patch that also reformats tons of whitespace is generally frowned upon. Not only do developers not like huge invasive commits that don't actually change much, but when you break the code style of the parent project, they don't care much for that either. It's funny that the ROS Style Guide actually addresses this, in section 1:

"Above all else, be consistent. Follow this guide whenever possible, but if you are editing a package written by someone else, follow the existing stylistic conventions in that package (unless you are retrofitting the whole package to follow this guide, for which you deserve an award)."

Also, (probably for the reasons mentioned above), I haven't seen a pull request for the IR cam functionality. I understand that you're quite busy around Thanksgiving, so I won't complain yet. But...I can't help but get the feeling that you don't care to work with upstream any more, which makes me sad. We could make some great stuff together. If you have a chance, could you maybe read the project's Code Integration HOWTO? Thanks.