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Thanksgiving day.

I attended a rather large gathering. I brought a baker's dozen little loaves of fresh bread and a 9x13 pan of pineapple bake. Here's the recipe for the latter:


Butter 9x13 pan. Mix first four ingredients in bowl, pour into prepared pan. Saute bread cubes in melted butter until lightly browned. Spread evenly over pineapple mixture. Bake at 350°F for 40 minutes.

At maximum headcount, I saw 28 people at this gathering, many of whom were new faces, since they were visiting other friends. There was a sister visiting from LA, students from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and UVA, among others. There was also a huge amount of food. We fried three turkeys, which is a slightly nerve-wracking endeavor, since if anything caught fire we'd wind up burning down the entire state of California.

Fun things that happened:

But after all that socialization, I definitely needed my alone time.