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I spent the night in the lab again last night. Oops.

I've been doing some analysis of the data I get out of the Kinect depth camera for research. My preliminary findings indicate that over 97% of the pixels have a standard deviation of less than 1% of the device's dynamic range. This is really good data, folks. It also appears to do the spherical -> rectilinear coordinate transformation for you, so you can just use the data as (x, y, z) tuples directly.

Well, almost. The depth camera and the RGB camera don't actually have the same field of view, so you'll have to transform one camera's coordinate space into that of the other.

Also, I've done some exploration of what happens when we send only some of the init messages to the Kinect. Later, I'll probably mess around more along this line.

I've been on campus for 31 hours. Now, I need to get home before I wind up sleeping in the lab two nights in a row.