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Today was the first time I've actually been listening to music on my phone and had it automagically suspend the media player while a call came in, then resume it when the call ended. Even though I knew about the feature, it caught me off-guard and pleasantly surprised me.

Github went down today, hard. It was a rather dumb error - a testing script which drops the entire database was run against the production servers. That's an awful big "oops." I'm more concerned with their restoration procedure - they allowed read-write access to the data from the site while they were still recovering data. This is very bad, since you can break history, orphan data, and basically make a lot more work for everybody in the meantime. And in fact, that happened - they had to take the site back down and restore again.

I noticed this because the OpenKinect project was (until today) hosted on github. Hopefully we'll have our own hosting and wiki up at soon.