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Today, I'm going to write briefly about someone who impresses and inspires me: Hector Martin. Why do I find Hector (hereafter referred to by his online handle, marcan) so cool, even though I've never met him?

He's a very skilled hacker and reverse engineer. Yes, there are surely a large number of talented hackers out there. That said, he's got an impressive portfolio:

But the thing that really strikes me is the fact that marcan uses his powers for good. He's been consistently outspoken against piracy. He donated the prize from the Kinect hacking bounty to buy more hardware for skilled folks to hack so they can continue empowering the world to use hardware in exciting, interesting ways. Giving people the freedom to tinker. That is something deserving of respect.

Hector Martin, you are my hero for today.

I made fresh bread today and took it into the lab. Mark had a jar of Nutella lying around (don't ask me why). This was a fantastic combination.