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Today I went to the Tang Medical Center. The staff at the Urgent Care office were super nice and friendly, and the atmosphere was jovial. Their chipper attitudes put me in a good mood. While I didn't show any notable symptoms of mononucleosis (except, of course, the constant sleepyness), Dr. Hope noted that they've had a spate of mostly asymptomatic mono recently. Another possible cause that popped into my head as I was describing my situation to the nurse was that I might have hypothyroidism - my mom does, after all, but I've typically had a high metabolism. Dr. Hope found nothing indicative of worrisome problems, so we decided that if I don't feel better by Thursday, I should come in and have blood drawn for a mono test and a thyroid test.

After visiting the Tang Center, I walked to my favorite sushi restaurant, since I was already on the south side of campus. I had a delicious lunch, and by the end, it was raining lightly outside. I walked home in my trenchcoat, which kept me, my papers, and my book dry.

I beat Kirby's Epic Yarn, with the exception of all the apartment-dweller minigames. Those things feel more like a chore than a game.

I have finally reached 0 unread items on my RSS feeds. This is more of an accomplishment than you would probably guess, considering that I follow 42 blogs, several of which are agregators of a collection of sources. I believe this is the first time in several months that I have reached the equivalent of "inbox zero" for my feeds. It'd be interesting to see how much time I spend reading each one of my feeds to analyze what I find the most interesting or what I derive the most value from. It'd be fairly accurate, since if an article is utterly boring, I'll skip to the next one.