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It would appear the bug that I hit yesterday has already been reported. Given more time, I may help the reporter/assignee track down exactly what went wrong.

Oh goodie, the ACLU has finally taken a (rather strong) stance in support of Net Neutrality. I was wondering when they'd get involved - I see net neutrality as one of the issues that will define the future of the internet.

Kirby's Epic Yarn looks...epic. I haven't thought about video games in a while, but this one looks awesome. Aside: that's one of the more awesome domain names I've encountered in a while.

I went to the Oracle infosession today, hosted by Larry Lynn, Oracle's VP of Recruiting. I left with an unusually large amount of loot and two particular salient thoughts:

  1. Wow, Oracle is ridiculously loaded.
  2. Wow, Oracle is ridiculously elitist. (Jury is still out on whether that's a bad thing or not.)

There was food, but it had so much pepper flake that my mouth stopped tasting and just started hurting. My lips were on fire, and NOTHING HELPED. I sought milk, but found none. After a while, the pain subsided and I returned to my normal state of rational thought. Some might debate that last adjective.

Today I learned that T-Mobile has an IPv6 beta. I'm considering signing up, but I don't really have anything else with an IPv6 address. I can't get on the Comcast IPv6 trial any more, and I don't think my dedi will be handing out v6 addresses any time soon. All that said, I definitely DO get globally routable addresses while on campus at Berkeley, so perhaps I can do testing there.