Shortlog - a log of everyday things



Today was notably colder than most days this fall have been. I enjoyed wearing a long-sleeved shirt and my green corduroy pants (that are way too short for me to wear anywhere except home) and having my feet get cold. It pleasantly reminded me of my time in Massachusetts, so I called my aunt who lives there and touched base. Then I called my mom and dad and chatted for a bit. The best part of today was wearing my black trenchcoat. I hope it's cold enough tomorrow for me to wear it again. I love winter.

I went to a ramen place for dinner. Actually, I meant to go to a ramen place for dinner, but got distracted by the street fair that was going on and had three blocks of the street blocked off and tons of tents set up. There were booths with all sorts of foods, scents, textiles, clothing, and jewelry. I particularly like the booth with jewelry that looked like tiny foods - earrings with slices of cake, bell peppers, cupcakes, and so forth. I walked up and down the blocks, trying to see as much as I could before the fair ended. I stopped and listened to the Berkeley High School Jazz band, which made me think of Steven Schrag and his awesome jazz piano skills. And then it was 6pm and the fair started closing up, so I made my way to my original destination, the ramen restaurant. The food was pretty tasty, and the water was flavored with sesame.

I ran some numbers, and since moving to Berkeley, I've spent almost exactly an average of six dollars a day on foodstuffs. This includes eating out on occasion. I'm not sure if this number is high, low, or average. It will probably go up as the number of industry-sponsored free dinners drops off.