Shortlog - a log of everyday things



I crashed overnight in the lab. It wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but I was tired and frustrated.

The sun will be up soon.

I love it when I find a bug in a piece of software, and then I find the bugreport on the project's bugtracker, and it turns out that it's a recent but, it's been reported, there's a fix, and a package was released in the last three hours.

I'm consistently scoring free food this week. This is awesome. My only concern is that all my produce at home will go bad.

So my code isn't working. Why? I dove into the Qt sources and found: "// Note: TouchUpdate and TouchEnd events are never propagated" WELL THEN, I HAVE TO ROUTE THEM MYSELF. CURSES.

Lora is teaching about Myers-Briggs type identification in the BiD lab to her group of "wondergrads" and explained she's an INTP. I'm pretty sure all of my readers at the time of this writing know that I'm an INTJ. And now you do too!