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Today was pretty great. Of interest:

I did wind up spending over 12 hours on campus today, though, which was tiring.

UPDATE: bonus cool thing of the day: Jofish wrote a paper that includes a graphic (Figure 7) that I saw as a 7-foot tall poster on Julia Grace's door when working at IBM this summer. You too can have such a poster.

In other news, I'd like to get around to writing an Atom/RSS feed for my blog. Spec-reading is in progress, and I'm limiting the features I'm implementing to things I can do that require no server state information that is not provided by either the text file backend or the filesystem upon which it sits. This may make proper UUIDs impossible, since the only way I can think of to generate the same UUID for an entry is to hash it, which has the problem of changing in value should the contents change. And just hashing the file timestamp or something also is a bad idea, in my opinion - too easy to wind up with a collision somewhere if someone else does the same. An interesting problem.