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Today, on my way to the lab, I was passed going down a a guy riding a bike. He then proceeded to hope the bike up a foot-tall curb. I was impressed.

Björn has loaned me a PS3 Eye modified to only see infrared for the purposes of building a multitouch table. I pulled out my code from whitepages v2 (one version the predecessor to what I have published on this site), adjusted the framerate that I capture video at, fired up the program, and adjusted the lens until I got a fairly crisp image of myself in infrared. I was quite pleased that my (and KDE's, since I had originally taken pieces of code from Kopete for video handling) two-year-old code was still useful and effective.

Knowing me, that same old code is going to wind up getting used in our final project.

I just got to use 80/20 aluminum for the first time. Cool stuff.