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As I write this, I hear Lora playing electric guitar in the BiD lab. My colleagues rock.

Today is day 1 of industry recruitment^Winfosession week, and the company of the day is...IBM. Wonder if I'll see anyone I know from Almaden.

Answer: yes, I will see Regina, my manager. I gave her my updated resumé to take back to folks at Almaden. I also got to speak briefly about what the Extreme Blue project teams did this summer, which was fun. Met a junior named Austin who sounded interested in Extreme Blue. I hope he applies - he seemed nice.

I got my bill from Comcast today, so I signed up for automated billing. It was in the process of going through my account information that I discovered that:

  1. I have a monthly bandwidth cap of 250GB
  2. I (and my roommate) have used up 92GB (36%) of said bandwidth...
  3. ...over the course of seven days (23% of billing cycle).

So we'll be cutting back on the ol' internet usage just a tad.

I got full credit on my first HCI assignment. Yay.