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My classes are hitting stride, and while it's a vigorous pace, it's an enjoyable one. In HCI we discussed Ubiquitous Computing - basically, the idea that use of technology becomes so widespread and intuitive that we no longer think about it when we use it, the same way we no longer think about reading text - we just gain information by doing so.

Texas A&M had a power outage today; I noticed when IRC went down and I could no longer whine to my friend Matt about how NFS keeps dropping on Apparently it took out a large chunk of campus. My heart goes out to you, system administrators who had (or still have?) to make sure everything came back up. To quote the LUG: "power failures kill uptime - boycott them."

In Operating Systems we discussed filesystems. Holy cow, they're just putting trees on disk in a fast manner. And now I *actually understand* journaled filesystems. They're pretty cool. Maybe I should start reading more of the Linux source; I might actually understand a good chunk of it.

Tomorrow I get to play around on rooftops.