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Yay, no class on Labor Day. This means I have only two days of classes this week. It also meant that I could be home at 10am for the Comcast guy to come out and phone up Comcast HQ to have them activate my line and tell them my cable modem's hardware address. Now I have 15/2 Mbps internet, instead of tethering my phone. Life is good. I set up my internal network on my gigabit switch, and I'll be doing Kerberos/NFS when I get a chance. I can hit my desktop directly on port 22 and 80. So much win - now I can run Kerberos/NFS from kraken, my dekstop.

Before I go to bed, I need to have read three more papers. I should not have put them off this long. Oh well, how bad could it be? Deadlines aren't actually until Wednesday.