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I found info about piano practice rooms, so I'm going to go practice my hands off some time this week. I seriously missed playing piano.

I am extremely frustrated at the EECS department for not knowing how to set up IT infrastructure cleanly. They have Kerberos, but don't use it. The default shell is some broken variant of csh that won't let you logout with ^D. But the best part of all this is the Unix password policy, which I quote:

"Please follow the instructions to change your password. When you are done, you will be logged off. Currently your password must be 8 characters in length; characters beyond the 8th character will be ignored."

THIS IS A BOX WITH PORT 22 OPEN TO THE INTERNET. This cannot possibly be secure. I have half a mind to run a dictionary attack on my own account to see what happens.

Oh, and the best part? SSHD supports Kerberos (it's even enabled!) but the box doesn't have a keytab, so it doesn't work. Homedirs are mounted over NFS (and not until authentication has been done (not that NFS mounts are actually authenticated (which could totally be done with the Kerberos setup they already have via Active Directory))), so publickeys don't work either. No, the ONLY way to log into that with an insecure, exactly 8-character password.

At least my classes are interesting (read: going to be a lot of reading). But they'll be fun, make no mistake.

I went to the nearby Thai restaurant (which only takes cash, interestingly) for lunch with a couple of my labmates. It turns out Anuj also has an N900, which was awesome (he worked at Nokia this summer). A pleasant lunch came to a painful end when I put my dishes in the bin to be washed and stood up into a metal box on the side of the building.

My day continued to be frustrating when I got out of my second class and found the lab empty. Since I STILL don't have key card access (it's been over a week now since I requested it), I can't get in to retrieve my laptop.

Since I had a great/terrible day, I went to the practice rooms (my laptop was locked away, after all) and played piano (despite not having my music) for a good 40 minutes. I think I should leave my books in the lab - it's (roughly) on the way to the practice rooms, and my memory is a little on the flaky side (hey, it's been nearly four months). As I left, I heard someone else playing Jon Schmidt's "All of Me," so I went over and told her that I knew it as well. It was nice and helped improve my fading morale.