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Today I washed my new blue sheets along with the rest of my dirty clothes. Now, I'm pretty sure all my shirts are a slightly darker shade of blue.

According to the thermometer on my desk, it is now 102.5° in my room. What the hell, California.

I now realize that that means that by being in my room, my 98.6° body is, in fact, cooling the room.

I used the word "that" three times in the space of four words in the previous sentence. I should be more creative.


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james palmer | 2011-01-17T12:50:25.557159

Hey Drew,

I just want to point that it is thermodynamically unlikely your body will cool the room, if you remain in it for more than a short time. (If you came in from somewhere cooler, sure it will cool the room.) But by sweating in order to cool your body, you introduce warm water vapor into the room.